undulating elation


Undulating elation loosely means '‘A continuous wave of happiness’'. My two inspirations were a music style/genre that is called '‘picopop’', which consists electronic sounds. The name derives from '‘pikopiko’' (the Japanese word to describe sleepy, dreamy electronic sounds such as 8-bit, etc.) and pop. Correspondingly, the style is characterized by the prominent and ingenious use of electronic instruments and effects with an often frantic, fun, pop style.
The second inspiration for this collection were paintings by Amanda Hughen. How Amanda explains her work are, '' Layer geometric shapes until the forms reach a critical mass, creating a release of energy, or an uncontrolled viral growth, like a scientific experiment gone awry.''
She is fascinated by the process of beginning with a single geometric shape and ending up with an organic, moving, unidentifiable entity.

With that being said, I combined both my inspirations together using their source of colors, mood, and silhouette. My clothing uses the basic construction that then turns into something organic.

Fashion Design, fashion illustration, picopop, Amanda Hughen, technical flats